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Blockchain Technology

Web3.0 is knocking at the doors of the companies faster than ever and it is widely asserted that blockchain is the technology that will power the new internet. So, is your company directors’ wondering how to be part of the blockchain technologies ? Or you as an entrepreneur looking to develop some use case of this distributor ledger based innovation to make a big impact in the world ?

Blockchain is nothing but how your database is shifted from the pool of some centralised server to the distributed ledger technology. This distributed ledger is implemented in a secured, cryptographic manner with predetermined rules using blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology
could be used in Sectors Like

Blockchain technology could be used in a range of sectors like Supply chain management, manufacturing, medical, voting, land management n registry, Energy, resource sharing like Computers, Mobile wallets and many more.

Avail the professional services of i4 Consulting -a creative, business intelligent, and ethical blockchain development company- to power your business with the cryptography based blockchain technology.

Supply chain management




Mobile wallets

Land management n registry

i4 Consulting is a blockchain development company that delivers one stop end to end solution for all blockchain development chain right from the ideation n concept evaluation, developing a proof of concept of blockchain, design and development, testing, final implementation, and upgradations.

1. Ideation n Concept evaluation is the stage where you are brainstorming with an idea and how that can be linked with some effective and efficient solution. As blockchain technology brings a paradigm shift in the way data is handled; it can be deployed in almost all spheres of the human life but as with any new idea or technology, blockchain based concepts will also have to go through a complete evaluation from the perspective of merits of the ideas, resources required for implementation, creation & sustenance of the required ecosystem, and legalities involved.

2.Proof of concept is basically a model of blockchain to exhibit the feasibility & practical demo of your project on a very small scale. It starts with technology identification like permissioned blockchain, cloud system, Ethereum, Hashgraph, Hyperledger etc. and developing a prototype for the feedback of internal team and other stakeholders like legal clearance from the government.

3.Design and Development: Once the PoC is approved and required changes have been received and approved the stakeholders, i4, the blockchain smart development company, develops a complete requirement documentation and flow diagram. All blueprints of software, hardware, frontend, human resources, financial resources are budgeted and deployed using agile project management methodology for the developing the blockchain app.

4.Testing: As the design n development works is carried out; testing of the system starts in a phased n systematic manner involving different stakeholders of the project.

5.Final Implementation: Once the smart contracts have been effectively written, first version of the system is effectively designed n developed, tested; then blockchain app sails out to the real world testing as per the scope of the project.

6.Upgradations: In a timed manner, the blockchain based decentralized apps are upgraded as per the issues identified in the existing system or as per the add on requirements of the project owners.