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How to Build a Business Listing Web Application Development Similar to Yelp

How to Build a Business Listing Web Application Development Similar to Yelp

In this era, you can see several types of mobile application in the technical market which are enhancing the business ratio rapidly in the global market and maintain the quality in the various number of industry. The new application provides the actual service whether is based on any kind of service, it doesn’t matter that’s why people want to utilize these type of applications to explore the modern technologies based reliable services.

Anyway, let’s talk about the local business directory mobile application which is popular in the market by name of “Yelp”. If we say something about this application it has become most popular in very tiny time and it fulfills the users demand in a very short time period. So, you want to know more about this platform for business purpose, marketing purpose and using purpose.


What Is Business Directory Service Similar to YELP

Basically, this application is famous as the business listing app which has brought by the United State Yelp Incorporation. So, if you looking for a better business option then you can go on there and find a better solution on this. It provides a better way to build an impressive business solution whether is based on e-commerce, food delivery, grocery app development, hotel or taxi booking and many more. It makes an easier business concept to build a smart and unique concept.

We define you the application process, then firstly it detects your current location and after that, it provides a list to choose a business field. In this list, you can see the cafe, shop, salon, market, store, and others. Also, you can choose a filter and category option to easily customize the source in the business directory application by free tool service:

  • It updates the business information instantly.
  • User can add the value categories and service by relevant photos.
  • It responds with better reviews options
  • Yelp provides better quotes or appointment request for the users.
  • It makes an effective deal with the best offers and services

If you set your mind to get valuable information about the innovative business establishment then you can get the specific information on the yelp application. We know that the accurate address, number, the working duration is the essential part of our life but the yelp application provides better information with time management. Along with, the map location provides you the guideline location to access the business establishment survey with the best review and feedback basis Along with page up-gradation features.

  • Easily allow the call to action or one-touch button service.
  • It removes the weak competitor ads from your business page.
  • It provide a slideshow photo page.
  • The users can get better customer support services.

Local Business Directory Features of Yelp Application

IN the yelp business web application services, you can see the outstanding features where it provides the three-panel service with the user and mobile friendly service. Along with it provide the advertising functionality which you can see in these panels:

  • The user can set the budget on it
  • Easily start and stop the campaign service anytime.
  • In this, users can easily customize business Ads such as text, photos and more.
  • A business user can get the support service in the Yelp listing app service.
  1. User Panel

It is designed especially for the user or customer where they can easily use the business directory application.

Smart Search: In the user, the panel user can easily search any business requirement in the Yelp smart search panel.

Advance Search/Refine Search: With help of this the application user can use the advanced search for the location, filter, Sort by basis refines the search.

Business Category/Subcategory: In this panel, Yelp App Developer customize the business categories and sub-categories according to various service basis.

Business Detail: When you use the app the user can easily understand the business details to build a unique and impressive application for the global uses.

Reviews & Ratings: In this service, you can give a responsive feedback or rating of the business to make a reliable service for the trading.

Social Sharing: It is a graceful feature of the panel which can increase the Yelp Business listing services.

Forum: It is an open source app platform where you can submit the business forum process to interact the users on our business service.

Business ADS: During the application using you can see the best and popular business ADS to inspire you to develop a professional business platform.

Talk: It is a customer support service where our expert Yelp Mobile app Developers provide the AI based support and talk service.

Photo Gallery: In this, you can check the business galleries to make an impression in the user mind.

Registration / Login: With the help of this you can easily register the application with the help of email, mobile number, and name.

Favourite Listing: In the user panel you can choose or select the business channel in your favourite list.

Navigation: During the app using you can easily navigate the location-based business solutions.

Manage Profile: you can easily manage your business profile according to market and trending market-based process.

Notifications: It provides the best location based, market-based, trending based, demanded based, offer based and SMS notification service by this feature.

  1. Admin Panel:

According to Business listing app similar to Yelp, it manages the users and business panel service and provides the user-friendly source for them by experienced Yelp Business app Developers.


Login: You can easily register your account information with the help of email address, contact numbers, name and password details.

Dashboard: On the dashboard Yelp application provide the user and business panel service to maintain for both panels.

Manage Users (customers & business owners): It manages the business listing service and provides in better ways.

Manage reviews: It provides the review option for both panels where the user can submit the feedback on the business panel. We can say it is the best option which can increase the reliability of yelp application.

Manage Profile: It makes the profile relevancy according to user and business panel:

Manage business listing: The admin panel of Yelp business outsource to make a valuable and effective business listing process for business the panel where the user can easily utilize any kind of business service.

Manage conversation: This panel understands the support service where it provides the data record service to maintain the previous record basis.

Manage earnings: According to inventory management it manages the transaction record and provides better business earning resources.

Ad management: It increases the business profit and values by promoting the Ad services.


 2. Business Panel

It is specially developed for the business enterprises where they can share the business ideas and services to attract the user on own business service.

Registration/login: Business enterprise can easily register the details by company details.

Set up a profile: The sponsors of the business provider can manage the profile to distribute the service according to expertise.

Business listing: They can easily list the essential terms of business services by listing on the Yelp business app directory platform.

Manage to book: In this features, business promoters can manage the booking service for the users to provide a better business concern on it.

Secure payment: It provides the SSL and 2 factor based well protected secure payment gateway service by various type of payment acceptance.

Notifications: business users can easily get the essential information as a notification form.

Transaction history: It provides a reliable and trustworthy transaction service to business companies.

Auxiliary Features of Business Directory App Similar to Yelp

Basically, the Business app like Yelp provides a better service where you can see the additional feature of this application. With help of this feature, you can easily understand the service of this application.

  1. Google Location Integration: We know that the Google Map Is helpful to find the location in an easier way, that’s why this platform uses the Google Location Integration service in this application to make the unique and effective business listing app platform for the global users.
  2. Content Management System: Without CMS (Content Management System) you cannot define your service. So, when you using this application you can see the CMS service in it which define the app information with qualities content or image content.
  3. API Integration: In the Business directory application without API your app is not reliable and helpful to work on the third party application that’s why it provides the SMS notification API, App login API, Security API and many more.
  4. Information Verification: When you use the yelp application with your all information updation such as email, contact number then it allows the application verification service to easily use in your smartphone or web portal.
  5. Cloud Storage: It provides the online data storage service which is known as the Cloud storage service with help of Amazon data service and Google cloud storage service to make secure and reliable service.
  6. Admin Section for User and Business Panel: In the Yelp application it provide the admin service for the User or business panel where they can easily customize service for both panel service.
  7. Payment Gateway Service: You can easily make the multiple types of payment process in this application. It allows the PayPal, Net banking, Credit, Braintree, Debit card, stripe, and many more types or payment processes to make easier service.
  8. Area Based Business Functionality: You can easily find the better business opportunity according to your suitability and location area based. This feature is really best and impressive that’s why it becomes a most valuable app and famous as a business directory app.
  9. Filter Option: With help of this you can choose a better business application according to cost, location, and trending, specific area based business option.
  10. Discount Offer and Bonus Offer: In this application, you can provide some encaustic deals and offers for the user in the current application service. With help of this, the user can make the Yelp wallet service. Along with, they can share the referral code to increase the app installation process globally and earn the additional money in the wallet service.
  11. Social Media Based Login Process: It allows the multiple types of app login process with better API integration. In this, you can register the account by social media app and Google account by one touch service.
  12. Feedback and Review Service: This feature defines the app service across the globe where a user can get valuable information about the application. We can say, this feature can increase your business application and decrees your application. So always make a reliable and trustworthy service for the users.
  13. Notification alert Service: It provide the best offer, app update, service, promotion, and security based SMS service. So the user can get the relevant information of this service according to app feature, functionality and service based.
  14. Embed Feature: The quality of this feature based in the embed review system where it provide this facility for the customers. For this functionality customer will need the programming or source code functionality to review this platform service. These code provide the effective platform by one click embed option.

Development Cost of Yelp Web Application development

In the yelp app development process you can understand every technology and service strategy. In the i4 consulting company you can get an amazing web and mobile app development solution to make this type of strategy. We have more than 8+ years of expertise to develop this type of solution. Also, you can hire Yelp Mobile app developers to build these type of service, for your business purpose which you can run any type of platform.

  • USA & UK based: – $50 to $350 per hour
  • European and African based: – $30 to $200 per hour
  • India based: – $25 to $100 per hour

Ending Thought’s

You can understand every process of business listing web service. In this article, you can find every solution about the business directory. In this technology world, i4 consulting provide you a better web app development solution to the global user. We understand the client requirement and trending market strategy to provide a better app development solution. You can hire Yelp web developers to make an effective trading service for your business purpose.

Crucial Development Strategy of Online Taxi Booking App similar like OLA and Uber

Crucial Development Strategy of Online Taxi Booking App similar like OLA and Uber

In this digital era you are living in smart cities, metro cities, crowded cities where you are faced many difficulties to reach one destination to another destination without the vehicle. Also, you face the crowded traffic and population where you cannot catch the right vehicle earlier to reach your location. In this case, you think that how can I reach my destination. In this case, you can try the online taxi booking app service which provides you a better way of online cab booking solution. With the help of this, you can easily utilize your precious time by smart cab reservation application.

These types of possibilities are increasing day by day just because of mobile application where every third person is using the Android, iOS, Microsoft and Blackberry based smartphone. Behind of this development process, you can build a taxi app development business similar to Uber, OLA. With the help of this, you can book your taxi before to reach your location which is an effective feature of these type of application.

If you are looking for a taxi booking app developer then let us tell you, i4 consulting organization is known as the best mobile app development company in the globe. If you want to develop the Online Taxi Booking Application?? You can contact us!!

Business Chart of Taxi Booking Platforms 2010 – 2018

When you go in your past time, so you can see that you used to travel by bus, auto, rickshaw, and your vehicle. But, now time is changed where you can travel one destination to another destination by the Taxi mobile application which is possible by the Uber and OLA taxi company. Basically, OLA was launched in India in 2010 and UK in 2011. Since then, it has established own business in 23 billion per annual.

It allows the cab booking service in several types of cabs like Minicab, Sedan Cab, Micro Cab, and Prime Cab services for 24×7 in the metro cities. Furthermore, the cab booking business is based on three types of service which is based on these:

  • Online Taxi Booking Service
  • Taxi Rental Service
  • Personalized Cab Booking Service


How to Develop Online Taxi Booking Application

You can build your own online taxi booking application service across the globe and make a perfect business platform by these features.


1. Platform: We can understand every step of several platforms where you can build your Taxi or Cab Booking service for the users. You can choose the most popular iOS and Android platform. For example, if you are looking the huge number of users, then you should choose Android app development. At present, the Android platform has taken the best position in comparison to the mobile app market of iOS App Development.

2. Development Model: We can say that it essentially better for the business purpose where you can develop your taxi booking app development model. This model can increase your business popularity to target the business goal, according to market ratio basis.

3. Design and Interface: We allow the multiple types of app design framework which increases your online taxi booking app interface to attract the people and make an effective taxi app service. The impressive interface design is based on the UI/UX, which make a qualitative app design.

4. Reliable Service: In the app development process, you can allow the best secure and compatible service. It can make the best reliable app development service to increase your app performance across the taxi app world business.

Development Panel of Taxi App Service

The app is not a perfect app if you not include the effective panel service such as admin, user, and driver. These panels make the effective app service of the app development process and make an easier and user-friendly service for the global user.

  1. Admin Panel

It is the main and major part of app service. It maintains all process between the user and the driver panel working process.

Dashboard:For this service, the admin provides the best interface of the location where the user can easily set the pickup and drop location. Along with the admin provide the multiple features on the dashboard screen.

Car Management: When the user makes the car request to book a cab or taxi for riding purpose, then the admin panel provide the best car management, such as Mini, Micro, Prime, Sedan and Sharing taxi app service to make the much better solution.

Payment Process: You can allow the various types of payment service in your taxi app development service, where the user can easily make payment according to choice basis like net banking, Paytm, UPI, Taxi wallet app and Cash.

Report card analytics: It is the best and effective feature which is really useful for the user and driver panel where both can access the report card and analytics of service. Also, the user can check the taxi riding service report as an invoice basis.

Ride Offer: With the help of this feature, the user can enjoy the taxi riding according to discount price based, offer price, season based offer price, and referral code based riding benefits. All benefits are based on an admin panel where the user and the driver can get the amazing benefit on every riding.


  1. User Panel

This panel is specially built for the users where the user can easily register the account details and use the taxi application to make life easier with help of taxi app service.

Registration: It is the basic step of app using which is required for every user. They can easily register the mobile number or email with valid password or name. This is a very useful process to book the taxi app by your these details.

Location Feature: You can set your home, work and other location to easily and rapidly access the taxi riding service in your smartphone by the application. Also, it detects your current location and provides the best cab booking service nearby your location based.

Car Selecting Option: We provide a better way to choose the best car option. with this feature, you can easily choose the fare based car according to your affordability.

Car Booking: With the help of this feature, you can book your car according to your suitability, urgency and requirement basis.

Tracking and Cancellation service: It is the best features where you can easily track the driver location and book the nearest location based cab service. In case the other person accepts your taxi service request, but due to long distance it takes extra time, then you can cancel your taxi booking request.

Riding Receipt: When you complete your riding with the help of taxi service the admin service provide you riding receipt for future record purpose.


  1. Driver Panel

It is based on the driver which provide the riding service, according to the user request and distance basis. Furthermore, the panel working process is based on these feature basis which you can follow.

App Access: The taxi driver can access the application with the help of account registration with the help of full secure document and reliability. After that, they can easily access the Taxi driver booking application.

Location Tracking: The GPS is the best source to track the location. According to this feature, our Taxi app developer builds the effective services where the drivers can show the live location to easily accept the user riding request.

Share Riding Features: It is the effective and the best app feature which is the best trending features of Taxi Booking service. In this, the driver also provides the sharing taxi service by two people and different location basis.

Payment Allowance: Driver Panel basically accepts the multiple payment processes where we allow the multiple payment gateway API to make easy and secure payment process.


Technologies are used in Taxi Application Development

We know that the many technologies have come in the IT sectors. Due to this reason, many Mobile app development companies are developing hybrid mobile applications for the user and business purpose. As well as you can see the technologies which we are using in the unique and innovative app development process.

1. GPS Tracking Technologies.

Basically, the Taxi Mobile App development process is based on GPS, Location and Tracking based. In this process, the user and driver panel easily access the GPS tracking facility. Furthermore, user and drivers can easily track the driver or user location for pick up and drop up location to complete the riding with the help of Google Map API and Apple Map API.

2. Database Management  

If you build an application you should be allowed the reliable and secure database service in your app panel. The database is the one thing which provides a better solution to record all user data or information with the help of HBase, Postgres, MongoDB, MySql and many more.

3. Notification and Verification Development Feature

The notification feature is an informative process which allows the new offer, SMS service, phone verification service and offers service alter. The all things can be possible by the Google sign, Artificial intelligence service, Apple and Android software development kit.

4. Analytics Report Service

We know that without the analytics report, we cannot judge the market value of this industry. So we provide the Google Analytics and flurry technology to improve the Taxi Analytics report service for the admin panel, where you can easily understand the business development strategy and provide a real-time analytics report.

5. Cloud Technology

We allow the online data storage based cloud service through the help of Amazon data and Google cloud server. These technologies make an effective service on the cloud-based data storage platform.


Summarized Features of Taxi / Cab Booking

You can see these features which define the app functionality.

  • Taxi App user guide
  • Easily signup process
  • GPS based Taxi App Facility
  • Easily manage the taxi booking Time schedule
  • Accurate location based Pickup & Drop service
  • Auto Detect location feature
  • Several type of payment service
  • Previous taxi booking record
  • Review and feedback service
  • 24×7 based customer support service
  • Reliable, trustworthy and secure platform service

Online Taxi Booking App Development Cost

We evaluate the taxi app development cost, according to several phases wised where you can take the Cab booking app features based cost price, device platform wised cost, country-based app cost price, development cost based pricing and many more. Here we provide you approximately cheapest cost price according to country based.

If you want to more information about it!! Freely contact us, we are always here (24×7 customer support service) to understand the client requirement and provide the best on-demand app development solution.

  • USA & UK based: – $50 to $250 per hour
  • European and African based: – $20 to $150 per hour
  • India based: – $15 to $60 per hour

Ending Lines

As per the above information you can understand the development process of Taxi app Development solution which can make your life easier in the present era. On this page, you can find a better way to develop your taxi app business across the globe and make a beneficial based user-friendly service.

We are the best and leading Mobile app development company which is perfect to develop an on-demand app solution. Our Mobile App Development Company is different other companies. You can hire, Taxi app developers to make this type of business strategy.

How to Develop Amazon / Shopify App Clone Script for ECommerce Business Platform

How to Develop Amazon / Shopify App Clone Script for ECommerce Business Platform

eCommerce App development solution at i4 Consulting Company delivers best on-demand web & mobile app development services.

Shopping App Development Company


In the present era, you can see the several outsource or platform of online shopping which provide a real interface of fashion, electronics, gaming, toys, grocery and much more. In these eCommerce platforms, we find a unique and impressive solution of shopping and acquire the reliable product delivery service at the home doorstep. We understand the online shopping market rapidly enhancing across the globe where the user feels the trustworthy product buying and selling by the online shopping app service.

In the technology world, I4 Consulting is known as the best leading eCommerce app development company which provides the effective solution of web and mobile app development, along with strategies to develop an eCommerce service. We have professional app developers that understand the business strategy and client requirement to develop the online shopping application similar like to the Amazon, Flipkart and Wish apps.  Also, we allow the multiple app development techniques and framework such as phone gap, Shopify.

So, let’s come on the development solution and its strategy that we offer to provide the best eCommerce solution.

Online Shopping App Development Service

We calculate the user and client requirement to develop the online shopping app development service for global user. In the app development process, our experience eCommerce app developer delivers the effective, performance based, compatibility and user friendly service.

You can allow these development processes in your shopping application to provide a better eCommerce solution. Furthermore, the shopping app service allows the User, Vendor based app panel service where you can get better service.

  1. UX/UI design: We allow the impressive user design interface which gives a real interface of online shopping. Also, you can feel look like a real product view on your Smartphone screen to purchase the product.
  2. Product Catalogue: Our developer provides an immersive, rich experience based product visiting source on the eCommerce application where you can easily find a better to get the product details.
  3. Product Categorized:we provide the product wised category solution where you can easily customize your online product in the particular categories.
  4. Simplified Login/Signup:We allow the multiple platforms API which processed to Login the online shopping application anywhere anytime. The login and Signup process allow the admin, user and service based.
  5. Easy to search and filter:With the help of this you can easily search any type of product in your eCommerce app panel. Also, you can filter the product according to your choice, such as low to high, popularity, high to low, offer based etc.
  6. Inventory Management:In this service we provide the source of data record, transaction record and account management process. Additionally, you can cancel and track your order by help of inventory process.
  7. Payment Gateway:We allow the multiple type of payment gateway process where you can allow the credit, debit, Net-banking, UPI and cash on delivery based payment process.
  8. Push Notification:you can get the amazing shopping offer, order track notification and OTP based secure pin number SMS and push notification service. It makes profitable eCommerce business platform.

Advantage of eCommerce Application Development


Our development service provides a better way for app development where the user can use the user-friendly service in the application. With the help of e-commerce application development, the user can get the amazing benefits to increase the business and shopping experience with these features.

  1. Better Price offering: You can receive an impressive solution for products where you can see the amazing better price, sale offer, deal offer and much more. In this way, you can define and increase your online shopping platform business Along with better price offering on the eCommerce app platform.
  2. More Verity:You can find the best variety of product in online shopping in India, Canada & USA. Furthermore, you can get a better quality, features, trend and fashion based products according to suitability.


  1. Convenience:At present time everyone wants the user-friendly and better service where the user or customer obtain the product service at the home door. So, it is the effective features of online shopping application.
  2. NO Crowd:As we know that, once you get a better price based product service on the e-commerce app platform, then you will not want to go in the real market and crowded market.
  3. Easy to Return Service:It is the best and effective feature service where you can easily return your product when you do not accept according to your choice basis.
  4. Secure and Reliable Service:you can use secure and reliable payment gateway process. The SSL data security and 2 factor that’s security, provide a trustworthy service on the online shopping platform.

Hire Our eCommerce App Developers

If you are looking eCommerce app developers then you can come on i4 consulting company which provide a better service in this industry. We have professional developers, along with having 6+years Android app development experience. With the help of our app developers, you can develop an eCommerce application similar to Amazon, Shopify and Wish app.

Why choose i4 Consulting App Development Company

We are the leading mobile app development company in the IT and Software industry, which have great experience to develop the shopping application clone script. We understand the eCommerce app solution according to mobile app market and industry based.

We are different and unique app Development Company where you can hire eCommerce app developers to make the impressive app service across the global users. We deliver the on demand development solution and available 24×7 to get your app development idea or requirements.



According to the above information, you can understand our development strategy to hire our Amazon clone script app developer to build own business platform similar to most popular shopping sites. You can hire our app and web development service to develop Shopify, Phone Gap, Amazon, and Flipkart and wish app based ready-made solution.

How to Develop a Grocery Delivery Mobile App in the Cheapest Cost

How to Develop a Grocery Delivery Mobile App in the Cheapest Cost

In the Mobile app development world, you can assume everything which makes your life easier and provides a profitable business platform. According to the global survey, 40% of the user community prefer the online order purchasing items with better price rate. seeing this thing, the Grocer App Development business is rapidly increasing in the global world with impressive and attractive app features, where our i4 Consulting mobile app development company deliver the engrossing app experience for the shopping users.

Basically, the e-commerce business quietly enhancing across the globe and many more business platform stand in the queue with several business ideas. So, we can say the grocery delivery app increasing in the market with unique and innovative grocery mobile app solution.

Marketing Strategy of Online Grocery App Development and Business sales 2012 to 2021

We know that the business level based strategy define the multiple types of profit for the user and trading, Where you can develop the Peapod, Amazon, INstacart, and much more grocery delivery apps. With help of these application platforms, they already make the billionaire business by delivering the on-demand grocery delivery app service.


The main thing is that the consumer based online market is mounting day by day in this era. So, before to start an online grocery app business you should be looked at the market challenges and solution strategy to make the best online platform and Grocery App Business.

  1. In-store grocery app
  2. E-commerce grocery business app
  3. Personalized grocery app

Development Feature of Grocery Mobile App Development

Here we are defining some key points of Grocery mobile App development features which provide you with a better app service interface across the world. Furthermore, you can follow these steps of in-store, e-commerce and personalized grocery app business.

  1. Application Interface: In our app development company, we allow the impressive and unique UI/UX functionality which makes the app effective and qualitative. The user can download the application in the Android, iOS, and windows mobile phone, where we develop the compatible app development service for all mobile accessibility.
  2. App Register and Sign up: In this feature, we provide the multiple Signup and login API to easily access the login page for online grocery product shopping. Also, you can register the name, email, contact number and secure app password to operate the application.
  3. Store Search: We provide the nearby Google API in the grocery product delivery app which can easily provide the nearest store to purchase the store.
  4. Order Cart: You can easily select the multiple products according to variation basis and easily store put in the shopping cart. After that, you can process the next step to easily purchase the product at your home doorstep.
  5. Payment Gateway Process: We allow the Multiple Payment gateway processes where you can choose the COD, credit, Net banking, debit, and UPI based payment process. It makes the reliable app development process across the grocery app development business.

When the all process is complete by the user or buyer panel then the next process of order confirmation is processed by the Vendor service panel and admin panel provide the estimated product delivery date. The order service request store in the online grocery store where the admin and vendor can see all process of on-demand product service.

After that, the admin checks the payment process if the buyer makes an online payment process and then the admin service panel provides the instant basic pay in the vendor portal. In the last, the vendor provides a delivery person to deliver the product in the limited day or time.

Grocery Mobile App Development Panel

Basically, the grocery mobile application is based on the User, Vendor, and Admin panel based, where they can utilize the service according to own business service based.

  1. User Panel

In this panel, you can customize the whole process and service according to user demand basis, where they can easily understand the app process and securely order by the grocery application.

  • App Account Profile: Users can register all detail which is required on the app panel. Also, you can allow the social media based login process where they can easily register the user profile for product purchasing.
  • Product Browsing: You can browse any grocery product according to your suitability and put in the product in the wishlist and cart for purchasing.
  • Product Sale or Offer Price: It is a very interesting feature which gives an excitement to the user, in this, you can allow the offer or sale on the selected product. It is a unique service which attracts the user and increases much more traffic on your grocery mobile application.
  • Payment Gateway Service: You can allow the multiple payment gateway processes such as Credit, Debit card, Net banking, UPI and cash on delivery service for the user. It makes a reliable process in users mind.
  • Order Management: In this service, you can provide a better solution for order tracking and estimated delivery time which is helpful for the user to easily track the order status.
  • Order Feedback and Return Service: It additional and advance feature service of this application which improves your app and product service through review and feedback process, where the user can easily return the product and give the feedback according to product quality.


  1. Delivery Panel:

It is specially designed for the delivery manager or stores which provides a frequent grocery delivery solution at the user home doorstep. It allows these functionalities to manage the proper service of this app.

  • Order Request Alteration: The working process of delivery app panel is very simple where they provide the instant product service by order request notification. With help of this function, they keep the order request and deliver within 2-3 days at the user home doorstep. Additionally, they can accept and reject the order request according to product service availability.
  • User location Tracking: We allow the Google Map API in the development process where our experience grocery app developer maintains the tracking service and provide a better service outsource in the vendor panel. In this, they can easily find out the user home location and deliver the product in an accurate time.
  • Customer service: It is a secondary way to track which provide a communication service in a proper way of order status and tracking in the current direction and destination.
  • App Notification: It is a basic and genuine feature of grocery app solution. With the help of this, you can easily get the order dispatch and shipment notification. Along with you can get the offer and the amazing product deal alteration by text messages which is helpful to better shopping and increase the app business


  1. Admin Panel:

You can customize the whole service whether is based on the user or delivery panel, here you can manage all things and provide a better app development solution.

  • Grocery App Dashboard: When you open the app you can see the impressive layout, product banner and offer deal price. It manages the all service of user and delivery panel on the dashboard screen.
  • Product Store: It is the best process which provides the nearest grocery store of users. Along with, it manages the all order and delivery process of vendor panel.
  • Manage Payment: According to service without payment, it cannot be processed for the next step that’s why it allows all type of payment service for both panels.
  • Application Service: It protects the application by any type of hacking and data threat process.

Additional Features of Grocery App Development Solution

We understand every step of app development but we never forget to develop the additional feature which makes a perfect, better, trustworthy application with these features. In another way we can say, without these services grocery app is nothing, that’s why our grocery mobile app developer keeps this strategy in the development process.

  1. Real-time shopping Analytics

If you want to develop your own grocery app development platform then you should be allowed the real-time analytic service in your application. In this service, we allow the Bigdata, Hadoop, Cisco, Spark, IBM, Apache Flink based development service to manage the real-time analytics report. It manages the report of all the app data, user data, associated statics of grocery app business, stores, and much more. Also, it streamlines the grocery store growth values.

  1. Push Notification

As we define above the notification service provides a better shopping experience where the admin panel provides a better grocery products offer, order packing, shipment, tracking notification by the and Twilio development techniques. Along with, it enhances the business visibility to prove the better service.

  1. Better Community Channel

You can increase your app by community channel such as social media like Facebook, Gmail, Google+, Pinterest, Quora etc., With help of this, you can increase the app services in the global market.


  1. Database Design.

In the app development process, we allow the multiple types of database design which maintain the proper customer and product data. Furthermore, it keeps securing the data threat process by SSL protection. In the database management of this application, we allow the MongoDB, Postgres, HBase, Mail champ, Postgres, and many more database development technologies.

  1. Cloud data and tracking environment:

In the app development process, our mobile app developers allows the Amazon web service, Google service, and Azure-based cloud data service. Also, they provide the Google map API service to maintain the GPS tracking service for order and user location tracking.

Grocery App Development Process

In our i4 consulting mobile app development company, we provide a better ap development solution by our experienced and professional app developers. They understand application development lifecycle and allow the better grocery mobile app development solution with the quality of reliable service.

  • We understand the client requirement based app development plan.
  • After the app plan, we make a visual design of the application.
  • According to visual app design, we enter in the next step of which is known as the develop & construct.
  • When the app development process is completed then our grocery app tester analyses the app performance and quality.
  • And last they deploy or publish the application according to analysing report or process.
  • Along with we provide the app maintenance or support service provider which maintain the application development process.

Development Cost of Online Grocery App Delivery

In the grocery app development process we evaluate the development cost in the several phases to keep the app compatibility, complexity, and feature, operating system or device platform, app launching service according to the country selected such as


  • USA & UK based: – $40 to $200 per hour
  • European and African based: – $25 to $140 per hour


  • India based: – $10 to $80 per hour

Ending Lines

According to the above grocery app development strategy, you can allow these process in your app development solution and make a profitable business platform. In this grocery app solution, we are the leading app development company which comprehend the e-commerce business app development service. Also, you can hire grocery app developers to make a perfect grocery shopping business platform according to user requirement and provide the on-demand solution.


Qualcomm 5G antenna

Qualcomm 5G antenna

The 5G is knocking on our doors. Qualcomm issued a press release on Monday, July 23 to unveil an antenna module capable of using the demanding mmWave signals (5G NR millimeter wave) and able to operate with bandwidths below 6 GHz. This is the family of Qualcomm antennas QTM052 mmWave and Qualcomm QPM56xx sub-6 GHz RF that together with the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem will guarantee not only the possibility to work on a wider range of spectrum but also to offer better integration within mobile devices.

Cristiano Amon , president of Qualcomm Incorporated, highlighted how the launch of the first 5G NR mmWave antennas for smartphones is an important step for the entire mobile phone industry. Thanks to the development of these innovative hardware components, possible thanks to the company’s investment plan in 5G, consumers can expect network speeds in the Gigabit order with extremely low latencies. Qualcomm shows that up to now, millimeter waves have not been used due to a series of technical difficulties that impacted many aspects of smartphone design. Precisely for this reason, many companies considered the millimeter waves to be impractical and not very useful for mobile devices, so much so that they could hardly be available.

Signals that were not used in telephony before because of the technical problems they pose. The builder seems to have found the solution. Technology is expected to integrate phones as early as next year.

In any case, Qualcomm confirmed that it had sent the first copies to some partners and that it was going to work with them on the last details that could prevent the 5G antennas from working properly.


Signals in mmWave cause concern: they are very sensitive to interference and, for example, can be scrambled only by a movement of the hand. The QTM052 solution has been developed to circumvent these obstacles and consists of four antennas based on algorithms to capture in the most efficient and reliable way possible. Qualcomm sufficiently miniaturized the component so that it does not exceed the diameter of a penny (a little less than 2 cm) and can take place in a majority of increasingly compact devices.

Already unveiled, the Snapdragon X50 5G modem can accommodate up to four QTM052s, or sixteen antennas altogether (four on each side).   This allows manufacturers to continue to evolve in the design of their devices, offering attractive forms combined with the benefits of the speed offered by 5G,  ” said Qualcomm, who hopes to see such devices marketed in the first half of 2019 and has also designed a sub-6GHz RF module (for less dense environments).

The QTM052 mmWave antenna modules work in tandem with the Snapdragon X50 5G modem to overcome the problems that bring millimeter waves. These technical solutions allow to drastically improving the reliability of the millimeter wave signal. The antenna and the modem are equipped with a 5G NR radio transmitter capable of supporting a bandwidth of up to 800 Mhz in the frequencies 26.5-29.5 GHz, 27.5-28.35 GHz and 37-40 GHz used for millimeter waves. The QTM052 modules integrate all these features in a very small footprint and can integrate up to 4 units in a smartphone. This will allow mobile device manufacturers to continue designing their products without stakes, but including all the benefits of the mmWave 5G NR technology. The first compatible smartphone models will arrive in 2019.

Millimeter wave technology is perfect for offering high bandwidths in densely populated areas.


Google Fuchsia: New information about the smartphone operating system

Google Fuchsia: New information about the smartphone operating system

In August last year, the operating system Fuchsia got a little more in the spotlight: Google is working in the form of Fuchsia on a new operating system for mobile devices. Fuchsia will be open source again. However, we still do not know what Google is up to. At least some pictures of the user interface are already there. Incidentally, unlike Android and Chrome OS, Fuchsia is not based on Linux, but on a new kernel called Magenta.

Google should change accordingly the license conditions and say goodbye to GPL. Instead, Fuchsia will mix BSD 3, MIT, and Apache 2.0. According to Google, with Fuchsia or the Magenta kernel, “modern smartphones and modern PCs with fast processors, sufficient RAM, possibly peripherals and the goal of executing open-end computation ” are to be targeted . Whether Google intends in the long term to place Fuchsia as an alternative or even a replacement for Android, is currently completely open.


Interface and apps for Fuchsia are created using Google’s Flutter SDK, which provides code that would theoretically work on both Android and iOS. The surface again runs currently under the name Armadillo. As the Fuchsia code runs on Android thanks to Flutter, you can currently package the interface in an APK and get it running on Android. However, it currently works only a little and program is basically shimmy from one placeholder to the next.


The home screen at Fuchsia is currently only a large, vertically scrollable list. In the middle of the profile picture of each user is to showcase and to date details and whereabouts. Then there are areas for recently used apps and suggestions for the user. To get to a kind of quick menu by tapping your own profile picture (see screenshot above).

Under the motto “Story” then collect individual cards that should subordinate to all specific purposes. In essence, they appear to be commonly used apps bundled by category. The maps can also be moved and open apps in the split screen. Apparently, the distribution can be made somewhat variable and several apps are combined in different proportions.


Google is now also using a new dark theme for the keyboard. In addition, Google Now is already prominently represented in Fuchsia. Everything seems to be very unfinished and experimental. Therefore, it is also unclear whether Google will now invest plenty of energy in Fuchsia or the project may be filed in a few months to the files. In any case, Fuchsia developer Travis Geiselbrecht has confirmed that the project will be taken very seriously.

Fuchsia will be much more modern in its base than Android, and will certainly provide some performance benefits. The effort to establish the operating system on a large area would of course be anything but without. But maybe Flutter could help to maintain compatibility here. All this should probably be years away anyway, because today and tomorrow Fuchsia is not in for a big debut. So it will remain exciting for a while, until Google reveals more about his plans for the new OS.


Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0

3 years after the release of the Bluetooth 4.2 the Bluetooth SIG announced the major upgrade in the Bluetooth technology “Bluetooth 5.0” the major upgrades that are coming with this version of Bluetooth over Bluetooth 4.2 are more than just numbers:

Bluetooth 4.2 vs 5

Greater distances no longer a problem

Although the connections with Bluetooth 5 still require little power (Low Energy = LE), the new standard quadruples the range. Without obstacles between transmitter and receiver, connections of up to 200 meters are possible. In apartments with many walls are more likely to be realistic 40 to 60 meters.

With greater energy use, the distances mentioned can also be bridged with older standards. For many applications, however, just the low power consumption is an essential requirement. For example, small devices with small batteries would run out of energy far too soon. This is especially problematic in the “Internet of Things” or in the networked home. Bluetooth 5 can rank high on Wi-Fi by efficiently networking the thermostat, smoke detector, lighting and many other devices, even over long distances. SIG estimates that by 2020 there will be more than 48 billion smart devices worldwide.

Extended bottleneck

The short range is just a deficiency that limits the possibilities of the previous Bluetooth LE, and its transmission capacity is too low for many applications. With the new standard is the story, because the capacity grows by a whopping 800 percent, which can send more data in one package (279 instead of 31 bytes). This has a big advantage for so-called beacons Small Bluetooth LE transmitters that provide visitors with information, for example, in shops, tourist attractions or in museums, if a (smartphone) receiver is in their transmission range. Up to now, the transmitted data is in principle only sufficient to activate apps, which then provide location-specific information. For example, with Bluetooth 5 they can send URLs or short texts themselves with greater reach. SIG estimates that in 2021, 565 million beacons will already be sold – 130 percent more than in 2016.

In addition to home networking beacons and Bluetooth 5 in the industry play a major role. As an example, SIG cites manufacturing and IT managers who create movement patterns of employees to optimize production. A network of beacons and related mobile devices could ensure, among other things, that the right people are available with the right tools at the right time.

Speed or Range

With Bluetooth 5, the possible transmission speed doubles to 2 megabits per second – also without increasing energy consumption. But that is only possible if at the same time the larger range is not required – the distance increases with fast transmissions, also more power is consumed. Developers must therefore decide what to focus on. The SIG suspects that the fourfold range opens up more possibilities.

Not a must for headphones

Bluetooth 5.0 hardly plays a role in music playback because LE transmissions saved energy through transmission cycles with breaks but music needs a continuous flow of data in Bluetooth earpiece. In addition, the data volumes for high quality sound are too big for Bluetooth LE. But there will not be problems with other standards – Bluetooth 5 is backwards compatible.So Bluetooth 5.0 headphone would be backwards compatible..


Neural Networks | 5G Cellular Network | Artificial IntelligenceQualcomm 5G Antenna

Best Mobile Application Development Platform

Best Mobile Application Development Platform

A mobile application development platform (MADP) is a type of software where developers build mobile app for smartphones and tablets. MADP is very useful for enhancing the business as nowadays mobile usage is increasing rapidly. Business can build their own mobile application development or they can buy third party resource available on market. The MADP is used in both backend and front-end development tools for application programming interface (API). There are lot of platforms on which we can work and according to our needs we choose the best suitable MADP for our use.

hire android developer

MADP have many platforms like Android Studio, Apple Xcode, Kinvey, Kony, Microsoft’s Xamarin, Appcelerator, Appzillon and much more. Kinvey introduce us both IOS and android on which we can build our app. Apple Xcode for IOS whereas Android Studio works on Java and C and C++ also included in it, kotlin is also the new language where coders like to code. Cross-platform mobile app development is the process which is also in famous as it forms hybrid or native apps that runs on different operating system.

Now take a look on breeds of MADP-

Kony AppPlatform

Kony App Platform is very useful for the developers with skills in JavaScript. They can use this platform for create both native and cross-platform apps. The greatest advantage of Kony is the drag-and-drop feature that they include from Kony Marketplace, or from their API libraries. Developers can re-check the connectivity of APIs.


Kony have sample apps as to educate the new developers. It has wide range of backend systems.


On the web, There is not enough documentation and support for Kony. Due to that beginners not go for it as compared to other platforms.

Android Studio


Android Studio is a blessing for Android developers as it has many useful descriptions and trusted MADP. Android Studio has many shortcuts and SDK according to the targeted device as on which we want to run the app. APIs connectivity is also easier and according to SDK functions and their usage changes in Android Studio. Here, XML code is easy to written and its implementation is simple.


It has easy shortcuts and working on xml is simple and description of every function given in detail so according to that we can use them.


It needs very good hardware to run it. Slow working might be because of the performance of hardware. Java code in it get a little bit complex as the project increases.

Apple Xcode

Apple Xcode  is the mobile application development platform for IOS developers and languages used in it are Swift, Objective-C and also use of  C,C++. Xcode is quite fine platform as all IOS developed applications run on IPhones and IPads. All codes are in shortcut manner and easy to implement them.


Drag-and-Drop feature is widely used in it and it is the main advantage of Xcode to design the app. And the codes are in it are not that much lengthy.


Developers have to take the permissions for the services that they want to include in the application. Apply all such services on it and again they have to wait for the confirmation from the Apple.


Appcelerator platform provides the cross-platform native mobile app development for JavaScript and also for backend. The code which we write on it can be reused to 60%-90% on multiple platforms. On it we uses JavaScript based APIs for IOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and HTML5.


Rapid Prototyping accelerate the use of it where in few hours and few lines of code we can build a full app. In this we use JSON format for data transfer, JSON is the encoder for JavaScript and Appcelerator fully works on JavaScript APIs.


Documentation is not always great many times we face some problems in it. There are lots of trial errors in it. We need specific coding for both IOS and Android.


In Kinvey’s platform there are solutions which allow developers to think and build the best apps. Client libraries give all the features for all native, hybrid and web development frameworks.


BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) is the cloud backend service which is trusted for the app development projects and it is easy to connect with app with BaaS. Kinvey also gives the attractive plan as 100 active users can store 2GB of data with 5 million notifications.


There are some chances of coding damage as you written some code and in future it can be manipulated. It is not good for bigger projects as we have to face difficulties in it and also in testing. Also may be our data can be loosed.


Appzillon is a cross-platform mobile app development platform which provides us security control (advanced security), advanced UX tools (like geolocation) and much more. It supports in-built transition library. Appzillon has strong experience in the banking sector so many designs of it are based on commercial banking.


It creates apps with great security and high usability for user. As for banking purpose it make apps with alpha grade security and for data allocation it is fine and everything is protected through it. Also the app development is pretty rapid.


Problem of management rises as the apps are created for banking purpose all such banking problems also generates. Location problem as it always needs GPS service as sometimes it loses the power in device and causes a loss of information.   

Microsoft’s Xamarin

Microsoft’s Xamarin is used to create Android, IOS and Windows apps with great precision. It also develop native apps for android, IOS and windows with are easy to implement and rapidly works. Languages on it works are C#, CSS and XAML these are used in Xamarin.


Xamarin give us full developer support. It has many learning opportunities and also through which stability and performance are also high. Developers with great skills in C# will love Xamarin.


There is no code reusability in Xamarin as if we switch the platform it will not work on another platform. API problem as it takes time to update the APIs according to SDK in which we are using it.