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Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing: i4 Consulting Pvt Ltd provides the best content marketing services at affordable prices.

Content Marketing Services 

Content marketing and creation services are important for most of the organisations as excellent & exceptional content is usually at the heart of the inbound marketing strategy. According to a survey, cost per lead (CPL) is as much as 62% less in comparison to CPL of outbound marketing. It is also found that about 90% and 86% of the organisations are using content marketing for B2B and B2C respectively. There are some other facts like 82% of the marketers support content marketing and have experienced positive ROI, and traditional marketing costs 3 times more than content marketing.

Having established the importance content marketing, do we say that earning consumer attention is easier through this form of marketing ? Well, not exactly. 2 million blog posts, 4.3 billion facebook messages, 500 millions tweets everyday; there is no dearth of content and competition on the internet. So, an obvious fact is that grabbing targeted users attention is more difficult than ever. i4 is a Creative Content Marketing Services Provider Agency and can help you meet this challenge with a smart strategy and meticulous execution to achieve your content marketing objectives. After understanding your goals, our team will devise a strategy based on certain well accept content marketing models.

Why Choose i4 as your Content Marketing company ?

Customised Porter five forces model, value chain analysis, Digital assets optimisation (DAO) model could be some frameworks to analyse all the forces that will impact your organisation's content marketing campaign and results. Content marketing strategy shall help find some basic answers like why, what, who, how, where, and when of the content for your organisation. Based on the i4 Smart Strategy, and armed with great content, we fight this war and win it for your company no matter what.

Do we have some magic wand that would help you earn consumer attention ? No, we just have a rigorous and scientific process know-how, diligent efforts, and great creative content writing team. That will help you shine through tonnes of content overload to the consumers and earn their most valuable attention. i4 as a content marketing agency will ensure that right content is generated and along with normal user analytics and feedbacks; targeted customer feedback will be continuously seeked, and recorded. 

Content Marketing Services

What Our Creative Content Marketing Services Include ?

Content Marketing Strategy
Editorial Content
Promotion & Distribution
Creative Content

Why Choose i4 Consulting as the Best Content Marketing Company?

Our team will use a different kind of content types as a medium to deliver great content to the targeted consumers like graphic designs, custom articles, infographics, flow-charts, creative descriptions, case studies, white papers, animations, videos, and many more. Our business intelligence gained through first hand working across width and depth of many different industries & range of skills like technical, Different content types shall help your brand stand out in monumental content that is generated everyday on the internet. Team i4 has years of experience in Search and Social Media Marketing and that position it as a unique content marketing agency to catapult your brand to the next level with best ROI.

We not only create amazing content but also help you in distributing your story to the identified customers by identifying best channels to publish. Team i4 will help publish your content to the right medium to gain the most valuable consumer attention to your products and services.

So, as they say, 'Content is King' for a business. But does it get the deserving respect, value, and attention in your company ? If something feels lacking, why not get free consultation from our team for the best content marketing services.

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