Crucial Development Strategy of Online Taxi Booking App similar like OLA and Uber

In this digital era you are living in smart cities, metro cities, crowded cities where you are faced many difficulties to reach one destination to another destination without the vehicle. Also, you face the crowded traffic and population where you cannot catch the right vehicle earlier to reach your location. In this case, you think that how can I reach my destination. In this case, you can try the online taxi booking app service which provides you a better way of online cab booking solution. With the help of this, you can easily utilize your precious time by smart cab reservation application.

These types of possibilities are increasing day by day just because of mobile application where every third person is using the Android, iOS, Microsoft and Blackberry based smartphone. Behind of this development process, you can build a taxi app development business similar to Uber, OLA. With the help of this, you can book your taxi before to reach your location which is an effective feature of these type of application.

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Business Chart of Taxi Booking Platforms 2010 – 2018

When you go in your past time, so you can see that you used to travel by bus, auto, rickshaw, and your vehicle. But, now time is changed where you can travel one destination to another destination by the Taxi mobile application which is possible by the Uber and OLA taxi company. Basically, OLA was launched in India in 2010 and UK in 2011. Since then, it has established own business in 23 billion per annual.

It allows the cab booking service in several types of cabs like Minicab, Sedan Cab, Micro Cab, and Prime Cab services for 24×7 in the metro cities. Furthermore, the cab booking business is based on three types of service which is based on these:

  • Online Taxi Booking Service
  • Taxi Rental Service
  • Personalized Cab Booking Service


How to Develop Online Taxi Booking Application

You can build your own online taxi booking application service across the globe and make a perfect business platform by these features.


1. Platform: We can understand every step of several platforms where you can build your Taxi or Cab Booking service for the users. You can choose the most popular iOS and Android platform. For example, if you are looking the huge number of users, then you should choose Android app development. At present, the Android platform has taken the best position in comparison to the mobile app market of iOS App Development.

2. Development Model: We can say that it essentially better for the business purpose where you can develop your taxi booking app development model. This model can increase your business popularity to target the business goal, according to market ratio basis.

3. Design and Interface: We allow the multiple types of app design framework which increases your online taxi booking app interface to attract the people and make an effective taxi app service. The impressive interface design is based on the UI/UX, which make a qualitative app design.

4. Reliable Service: In the app development process, you can allow the best secure and compatible service. It can make the best reliable app development service to increase your app performance across the taxi app world business.

Development Panel of Taxi App Service

The app is not a perfect app if you not include the effective panel service such as admin, user, and driver. These panels make the effective app service of the app development process and make an easier and user-friendly service for the global user.

  1. Admin Panel

It is the main and major part of app service. It maintains all process between the user and the driver panel working process.

Dashboard:For this service, the admin provides the best interface of the location where the user can easily set the pickup and drop location. Along with the admin provide the multiple features on the dashboard screen.

Car Management: When the user makes the car request to book a cab or taxi for riding purpose, then the admin panel provide the best car management, such as Mini, Micro, Prime, Sedan and Sharing taxi app service to make the much better solution.

Payment Process: You can allow the various types of payment service in your taxi app development service, where the user can easily make payment according to choice basis like net banking, Paytm, UPI, Taxi wallet app and Cash.

Report card analytics: It is the best and effective feature which is really useful for the user and driver panel where both can access the report card and analytics of service. Also, the user can check the taxi riding service report as an invoice basis.

Ride Offer: With the help of this feature, the user can enjoy the taxi riding according to discount price based, offer price, season based offer price, and referral code based riding benefits. All benefits are based on an admin panel where the user and the driver can get the amazing benefit on every riding.


  1. User Panel

This panel is specially built for the users where the user can easily register the account details and use the taxi application to make life easier with help of taxi app service.

Registration: It is the basic step of app using which is required for every user. They can easily register the mobile number or email with valid password or name. This is a very useful process to book the taxi app by your these details.

Location Feature: You can set your home, work and other location to easily and rapidly access the taxi riding service in your smartphone by the application. Also, it detects your current location and provides the best cab booking service nearby your location based.

Car Selecting Option: We provide a better way to choose the best car option. with this feature, you can easily choose the fare based car according to your affordability.

Car Booking: With the help of this feature, you can book your car according to your suitability, urgency and requirement basis.

Tracking and Cancellation service: It is the best features where you can easily track the driver location and book the nearest location based cab service. In case the other person accepts your taxi service request, but due to long distance it takes extra time, then you can cancel your taxi booking request.

Riding Receipt: When you complete your riding with the help of taxi service the admin service provide you riding receipt for future record purpose.


  1. Driver Panel

It is based on the driver which provide the riding service, according to the user request and distance basis. Furthermore, the panel working process is based on these feature basis which you can follow.

App Access: The taxi driver can access the application with the help of account registration with the help of full secure document and reliability. After that, they can easily access the Taxi driver booking application.

Location Tracking: The GPS is the best source to track the location. According to this feature, our Taxi app developer builds the effective services where the drivers can show the live location to easily accept the user riding request.

Share Riding Features: It is the effective and the best app feature which is the best trending features of Taxi Booking service. In this, the driver also provides the sharing taxi service by two people and different location basis.

Payment Allowance: Driver Panel basically accepts the multiple payment processes where we allow the multiple payment gateway API to make easy and secure payment process.


Technologies are used in Taxi Application Development

We know that the many technologies have come in the IT sectors. Due to this reason, many Mobile app development companies are developing hybrid mobile applications for the user and business purpose. As well as you can see the technologies which we are using in the unique and innovative app development process.

1. GPS Tracking Technologies.

Basically, the Taxi Mobile App development process is based on GPS, Location and Tracking based. In this process, the user and driver panel easily access the GPS tracking facility. Furthermore, user and drivers can easily track the driver or user location for pick up and drop up location to complete the riding with the help of Google Map API and Apple Map API.

2. Database Management  

If you build an application you should be allowed the reliable and secure database service in your app panel. The database is the one thing which provides a better solution to record all user data or information with the help of HBase, Postgres, MongoDB, MySql and many more.

3. Notification and Verification Development Feature

The notification feature is an informative process which allows the new offer, SMS service, phone verification service and offers service alter. The all things can be possible by the Google sign, Artificial intelligence service, Apple and Android software development kit.

4. Analytics Report Service

We know that without the analytics report, we cannot judge the market value of this industry. So we provide the Google Analytics and flurry technology to improve the Taxi Analytics report service for the admin panel, where you can easily understand the business development strategy and provide a real-time analytics report.

5. Cloud Technology

We allow the online data storage based cloud service through the help of Amazon data and Google cloud server. These technologies make an effective service on the cloud-based data storage platform.


Summarized Features of Taxi / Cab Booking

You can see these features which define the app functionality.

  • Taxi App user guide
  • Easily signup process
  • GPS based Taxi App Facility
  • Easily manage the taxi booking Time schedule
  • Accurate location based Pickup & Drop service
  • Auto Detect location feature
  • Several type of payment service
  • Previous taxi booking record
  • Review and feedback service
  • 24×7 based customer support service
  • Reliable, trustworthy and secure platform service

Online Taxi Booking App Development Cost

We evaluate the taxi app development cost, according to several phases wised where you can take the Cab booking app features based cost price, device platform wised cost, country-based app cost price, development cost based pricing and many more. Here we provide you approximately cheapest cost price according to country based.

If you want to more information about it!! Freely contact us, we are always here (24×7 customer support service) to understand the client requirement and provide the best on-demand app development solution.

  • USA & UK based: – $50 to $250 per hour
  • European and African based: – $20 to $150 per hour
  • India based: – $15 to $60 per hour

Ending Lines

As per the above information you can understand the development process of Taxi app Development solution which can make your life easier in the present era. On this page, you can find a better way to develop your taxi app business across the globe and make a beneficial based user-friendly service.

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