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PHP is highly popular among the website developers because of its responsive and interactive features. It is used to create a website, e-commerce site, CMS, customer web applications etc. PHP development services are highly in demand these days in Fujairah. PHP is a server scripting language, and a powerful tool. PHP is a free platform and widely used for e-commerce websites. Many of the renowned brand websites are built on PHP, which includes Facebook, WordPress, Drupal and many more.

So, if you are in Fujairah and looking for creating a website for your business from best developers in PHP so far, i4 consulting is the one-stop-shop for all of your projects like websites, applications and programs development for your business. We provide the best services in the field of website development in Fujairah.


CakePHP Development



CakePHP has the approach of solving things differently in a great extent, which makes building web applications simpler, faster , while requiring less code. In CakePHP, the developer don’t have to apply complicated codes, YAML or XML files. The simplicity of CakePHP increases the rate of work, therefore reducing web development cost. A flexible database access layer and a powerful scaffolding system that makes building both small and complex systems simpler, easier and, of course, better.


CakePHP for web development has following advantages –

  1. Compatibility – CakePHP is compatible with PHP4 and PHP5. Those who are experts in the older versions of PHP will be comfortable in newer versions because of this feature.
  2. Configurartion – CakePHP just need to manage the connection settings of database, after that it will take care of itself.
  3. Plugins – CakePHP has a wide range of plugins, which can be used for multiple times in multiple projects. Little modifications can help you in reducing the time invested for the development.
  4. Object Relational Mapping – It is a programming method which allows conversion of data between incompatible database systems and programming languages.
  5. CRUD Scaffolding – It is a very distinct and highly useful feature which provides an overall view of application in a single code line which makes it unique.


i4 Consulting Pvt. Ltd. provides customized application services which allows the client to modify or customize things according to their own perception. Our work is admired for their design, speed and uniqueness and with other built in features.


 PHP CodeIgnitor Development



CodeIgniter is an application development platform based on PHP which contains lots of libraries, plugins and interfaces. It helps in creating large interactive websites in less time duration. CodeIgniter is better than most of the PHP frameworks in security, speed, file organization structure, configuration and error handling.


Here are some advantages of using CodeIgniter over various other frameworks-

1. Easy to customize– Compared to the other PHP frameworks CodeIgniter requires shorter codes. For developing faster projects this is very helpful. CodeIgniter also makes it possible to easily modify the existing library or to write new libraries than other frameworks is also easy in CodeIgnitor.

2. Inbuilt tools– There are a lot of in-built libraries in CodeIgnitor, which helps developers to come up with new libraries according to the project requirements. Some of them are validations, calanders, e-mail and zip encoding, unit testing module.

3. MVC architecture– CodeIgniter is more logical compared to other frameworks by its unique model, controller architecture, view of CodeIgniter framework makes it different from other frameworks. It allows developers to manage codes based on data structure and HTML designs.

4. Installation procedure– For installation, you just have to upload the files on server, as simple as that.

5. Security– User has the right  to modify the security settings according to the requirements.

6.Support– There  is a CodeIgniter community forum which helps out in the problems like, diificulty with coding or any other development tasks.


i4 consulting pvt. ltd. has a experienced team who invested their time to learn and expertise in open source frameworks such as CodeIgnitor to provide the best services in PHP development in Fujairah. Our developers will create an excellent API to enhance your business prospects immensely.


PHP Laravel Development




Laravel, it’s a highly favored PHP framework which is highly recognized by developer’s community because of its simple syntax, flexibility and expressive functionalities. Although Laravel  is relatively new in market but its features has made it popular among developers immensely. Laravel was launched with the plenty of learning resources and tutorials. With tutorials and learning resources, there is a development support community too which helps in online consultation. All these features made Laravel much more easy and interesting and helped a lot of developers to go through it.


Advantages of using Laravel

  1. Authorization – It makes an easy way to organize and implement the complete authorization logic in Laravel. Authorization and authentication is quite easy in Laravel.
  2. Object Oriented Libraries – Laravel has many pre-installed object oriented libraries and other libraries pre-intalled which helps developers alot to reduce their investment of time.
  3. MVC Support – Laravel got huge popularity beacuse of its ability to support MVC architecture. MVC support increases the overall performance of applications or website portals and also helps in better documentation.
  4. Security – Laravel provides a high-level security through hashed and salted password mechanisms. Other than that there are numerous advanced security features which includes authentication drivers, encryption, password storage, secure configuration, protecting routes, etc.
  5. Database Migration – In Laravel, complete synchronization between different systems and machines need to be kept and maintaned. Laravel performs this task quite efficiently and smoothly.


i4 Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has been working so hard in the web developing industry and has been providing many Laravel development solutions for over many years in Fujairah now. Our team has expertise the PHP development and its various frameworks to provide the quality services to the clients at every extent.

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