How to Build a Business Listing Web Application Development Similar to Yelp

In this era, you can see several types of mobile application in the technical market which are enhancing the business ratio rapidly in the global market and maintain the quality in the various number of industry. The new application provides the actual service whether is based on any kind of service, it doesn’t matter that’s why people want to utilize these type of applications to explore the modern technologies based reliable services.

Anyway, let’s talk about the local business directory mobile application which is popular in the market by name of “Yelp”. If we say something about this application it has become most popular in very tiny time and it fulfills the users demand in a very short time period. So, you want to know more about this platform for business purpose, marketing purpose and using purpose.


What Is Business Directory Service Similar to YELP

Basically, this application is famous as the business listing app which has brought by the United State Yelp Incorporation. So, if you looking for a better business option then you can go on there and find a better solution on this. It provides a better way to build an impressive business solution whether is based on e-commerce, food delivery, grocery app development, hotel or taxi booking and many more. It makes an easier business concept to build a smart and unique concept.

We define you the application process, then firstly it detects your current location and after that, it provides a list to choose a business field. In this list, you can see the cafe, shop, salon, market, store, and others. Also, you can choose a filter and category option to easily customize the source in the business directory application by free tool service:

  • It updates the business information instantly.
  • User can add the value categories and service by relevant photos.
  • It responds with better reviews options
  • Yelp provides better quotes or appointment request for the users.
  • It makes an effective deal with the best offers and services

If you set your mind to get valuable information about the innovative business establishment then you can get the specific information on the yelp application. We know that the accurate address, number, the working duration is the essential part of our life but the yelp application provides better information with time management. Along with, the map location provides you the guideline location to access the business establishment survey with the best review and feedback basis Along with page up-gradation features.

  • Easily allow the call to action or one-touch button service.
  • It removes the weak competitor ads from your business page.
  • It provide a slideshow photo page.
  • The users can get better customer support services.

Local Business Directory Features of Yelp Application

IN the yelp business web application services, you can see the outstanding features where it provides the three-panel service with the user and mobile friendly service. Along with it provide the advertising functionality which you can see in these panels:

  • The user can set the budget on it
  • Easily start and stop the campaign service anytime.
  • In this, users can easily customize business Ads such as text, photos and more.
  • A business user can get the support service in the Yelp listing app service.
  1. User Panel

It is designed especially for the user or customer where they can easily use the business directory application.

Smart Search: In the user, the panel user can easily search any business requirement in the Yelp smart search panel.

Advance Search/Refine Search: With help of this the application user can use the advanced search for the location, filter, Sort by basis refines the search.

Business Category/Subcategory: In this panel, Yelp App Developer customize the business categories and sub-categories according to various service basis.

Business Detail: When you use the app the user can easily understand the business details to build a unique and impressive application for the global uses.

Reviews & Ratings: In this service, you can give a responsive feedback or rating of the business to make a reliable service for the trading.

Social Sharing: It is a graceful feature of the panel which can increase the Yelp Business listing services.

Forum: It is an open source app platform where you can submit the business forum process to interact the users on our business service.

Business ADS: During the application using you can see the best and popular business ADS to inspire you to develop a professional business platform.

Talk: It is a customer support service where our expert Yelp Mobile app Developers provide the AI based support and talk service.

Photo Gallery: In this, you can check the business galleries to make an impression in the user mind.

Registration / Login: With the help of this you can easily register the application with the help of email, mobile number, and name.

Favourite Listing: In the user panel you can choose or select the business channel in your favourite list.

Navigation: During the app using you can easily navigate the location-based business solutions.

Manage Profile: you can easily manage your business profile according to market and trending market-based process.

Notifications: It provides the best location based, market-based, trending based, demanded based, offer based and SMS notification service by this feature.

  1. Admin Panel:

According to Business listing app similar to Yelp, it manages the users and business panel service and provides the user-friendly source for them by experienced Yelp Business app Developers.


Login: You can easily register your account information with the help of email address, contact numbers, name and password details.

Dashboard: On the dashboard Yelp application provide the user and business panel service to maintain for both panels.

Manage Users (customers & business owners): It manages the business listing service and provides in better ways.

Manage reviews: It provides the review option for both panels where the user can submit the feedback on the business panel. We can say it is the best option which can increase the reliability of yelp application.

Manage Profile: It makes the profile relevancy according to user and business panel:

Manage business listing: The admin panel of Yelp business outsource to make a valuable and effective business listing process for business the panel where the user can easily utilize any kind of business service.

Manage conversation: This panel understands the support service where it provides the data record service to maintain the previous record basis.

Manage earnings: According to inventory management it manages the transaction record and provides better business earning resources.

Ad management: It increases the business profit and values by promoting the Ad services.


 2. Business Panel

It is specially developed for the business enterprises where they can share the business ideas and services to attract the user on own business service.

Registration/login: Business enterprise can easily register the details by company details.

Set up a profile: The sponsors of the business provider can manage the profile to distribute the service according to expertise.

Business listing: They can easily list the essential terms of business services by listing on the Yelp business app directory platform.

Manage to book: In this features, business promoters can manage the booking service for the users to provide a better business concern on it.

Secure payment: It provides the SSL and 2 factor based well protected secure payment gateway service by various type of payment acceptance.

Notifications: business users can easily get the essential information as a notification form.

Transaction history: It provides a reliable and trustworthy transaction service to business companies.

Auxiliary Features of Business Directory App Similar to Yelp

Basically, the Business app like Yelp provides a better service where you can see the additional feature of this application. With help of this feature, you can easily understand the service of this application.

  1. Google Location Integration: We know that the Google Map Is helpful to find the location in an easier way, that’s why this platform uses the Google Location Integration service in this application to make the unique and effective business listing app platform for the global users.
  2. Content Management System: Without CMS (Content Management System) you cannot define your service. So, when you using this application you can see the CMS service in it which define the app information with qualities content or image content.
  3. API Integration: In the Business directory application without API your app is not reliable and helpful to work on the third party application that’s why it provides the SMS notification API, App login API, Security API and many more.
  4. Information Verification: When you use the yelp application with your all information updation such as email, contact number then it allows the application verification service to easily use in your smartphone or web portal.
  5. Cloud Storage: It provides the online data storage service which is known as the Cloud storage service with help of Amazon data service and Google cloud storage service to make secure and reliable service.
  6. Admin Section for User and Business Panel: In the Yelp application it provide the admin service for the User or business panel where they can easily customize service for both panel service.
  7. Payment Gateway Service: You can easily make the multiple types of payment process in this application. It allows the PayPal, Net banking, Credit, Braintree, Debit card, stripe, and many more types or payment processes to make easier service.
  8. Area Based Business Functionality: You can easily find the better business opportunity according to your suitability and location area based. This feature is really best and impressive that’s why it becomes a most valuable app and famous as a business directory app.
  9. Filter Option: With help of this you can choose a better business application according to cost, location, and trending, specific area based business option.
  10. Discount Offer and Bonus Offer: In this application, you can provide some encaustic deals and offers for the user in the current application service. With help of this, the user can make the Yelp wallet service. Along with, they can share the referral code to increase the app installation process globally and earn the additional money in the wallet service.
  11. Social Media Based Login Process: It allows the multiple types of app login process with better API integration. In this, you can register the account by social media app and Google account by one touch service.
  12. Feedback and Review Service: This feature defines the app service across the globe where a user can get valuable information about the application. We can say, this feature can increase your business application and decrees your application. So always make a reliable and trustworthy service for the users.
  13. Notification alert Service: It provide the best offer, app update, service, promotion, and security based SMS service. So the user can get the relevant information of this service according to app feature, functionality and service based.
  14. Embed Feature: The quality of this feature based in the embed review system where it provide this facility for the customers. For this functionality customer will need the programming or source code functionality to review this platform service. These code provide the effective platform by one click embed option.

Development Cost of Yelp Web Application development

In the yelp app development process you can understand every technology and service strategy. In the i4 consulting company you can get an amazing web and mobile app development solution to make this type of strategy. We have more than 8+ years of expertise to develop this type of solution. Also, you can hire Yelp Mobile app developers to build these type of service, for your business purpose which you can run any type of platform.

  • USA & UK based: – $50 to $350 per hour
  • European and African based: – $30 to $200 per hour
  • India based: – $25 to $100 per hour

Ending Thought’s

You can understand every process of business listing web service. In this article, you can find every solution about the business directory. In this technology world, i4 consulting provide you a better web app development solution to the global user. We understand the client requirement and trending market strategy to provide a better app development solution. You can hire Yelp web developers to make an effective trading service for your business purpose.