How to Develop a Grocery Delivery Mobile App in the Cheapest Cost

In the Mobile app development world, you can assume everything which makes your life easier and provides a profitable business platform. According to the global survey, 40% of the user community prefer the online order purchasing items with better price rate. seeing this thing, the Grocer App Development business is rapidly increasing in the global world with impressive and attractive app features, where our i4 Consulting mobile app development company deliver the engrossing app experience for the shopping users.

Basically, the e-commerce business quietly enhancing across the globe and many more business platform stand in the queue with several business ideas. So, we can say the grocery delivery app increasing in the market with unique and innovative grocery mobile app solution.

Marketing Strategy of Online Grocery App Development and Business sales 2012 to 2021

We know that the business level based strategy define the multiple types of profit for the user and trading, Where you can develop the Peapod, Amazon, INstacart, and much more grocery delivery apps. With help of these application platforms, they already make the billionaire business by delivering the on-demand grocery delivery app service.


The main thing is that the consumer based online market is mounting day by day in this era. So, before to start an online grocery app business you should be looked at the market challenges and solution strategy to make the best online platform and Grocery App Business.

  1. In-store grocery app
  2. E-commerce grocery business app
  3. Personalized grocery app

Development Feature of Grocery Mobile App Development

Here we are defining some key points of Grocery mobile App development features which provide you with a better app service interface across the world. Furthermore, you can follow these steps of in-store, e-commerce and personalized grocery app business.

  1. Application Interface: In our app development company, we allow the impressive and unique UI/UX functionality which makes the app effective and qualitative. The user can download the application in the Android, iOS, and windows mobile phone, where we develop the compatible app development service for all mobile accessibility.
  2. App Register and Sign up: In this feature, we provide the multiple Signup and login API to easily access the login page for online grocery product shopping. Also, you can register the name, email, contact number and secure app password to operate the application.
  3. Store Search: We provide the nearby Google API in the grocery product delivery app which can easily provide the nearest store to purchase the store.
  4. Order Cart: You can easily select the multiple products according to variation basis and easily store put in the shopping cart. After that, you can process the next step to easily purchase the product at your home doorstep.
  5. Payment Gateway Process: We allow the Multiple Payment gateway processes where you can choose the COD, credit, Net banking, debit, and UPI based payment process. It makes the reliable app development process across the grocery app development business.

When the all process is complete by the user or buyer panel then the next process of order confirmation is processed by the Vendor service panel and admin panel provide the estimated product delivery date. The order service request store in the online grocery store where the admin and vendor can see all process of on-demand product service.

After that, the admin checks the payment process if the buyer makes an online payment process and then the admin service panel provides the instant basic pay in the vendor portal. In the last, the vendor provides a delivery person to deliver the product in the limited day or time.

Grocery Mobile App Development Panel

Basically, the grocery mobile application is based on the User, Vendor, and Admin panel based, where they can utilize the service according to own business service based.

  1. User Panel

In this panel, you can customize the whole process and service according to user demand basis, where they can easily understand the app process and securely order by the grocery application.

  • App Account Profile: Users can register all detail which is required on the app panel. Also, you can allow the social media based login process where they can easily register the user profile for product purchasing.
  • Product Browsing: You can browse any grocery product according to your suitability and put in the product in the wishlist and cart for purchasing.
  • Product Sale or Offer Price: It is a very interesting feature which gives an excitement to the user, in this, you can allow the offer or sale on the selected product. It is a unique service which attracts the user and increases much more traffic on your grocery mobile application.
  • Payment Gateway Service: You can allow the multiple payment gateway processes such as Credit, Debit card, Net banking, UPI and cash on delivery service for the user. It makes a reliable process in users mind.
  • Order Management: In this service, you can provide a better solution for order tracking and estimated delivery time which is helpful for the user to easily track the order status.
  • Order Feedback and Return Service: It additional and advance feature service of this application which improves your app and product service through review and feedback process, where the user can easily return the product and give the feedback according to product quality.


  1. Delivery Panel:

It is specially designed for the delivery manager or stores which provides a frequent grocery delivery solution at the user home doorstep. It allows these functionalities to manage the proper service of this app.

  • Order Request Alteration: The working process of delivery app panel is very simple where they provide the instant product service by order request notification. With help of this function, they keep the order request and deliver within 2-3 days at the user home doorstep. Additionally, they can accept and reject the order request according to product service availability.
  • User location Tracking: We allow the Google Map API in the development process where our experience grocery app developer maintains the tracking service and provide a better service outsource in the vendor panel. In this, they can easily find out the user home location and deliver the product in an accurate time.
  • Customer service: It is a secondary way to track which provide a communication service in a proper way of order status and tracking in the current direction and destination.
  • App Notification: It is a basic and genuine feature of grocery app solution. With the help of this, you can easily get the order dispatch and shipment notification. Along with you can get the offer and the amazing product deal alteration by text messages which is helpful to better shopping and increase the app business


  1. Admin Panel:

You can customize the whole service whether is based on the user or delivery panel, here you can manage all things and provide a better app development solution.

  • Grocery App Dashboard: When you open the app you can see the impressive layout, product banner and offer deal price. It manages the all service of user and delivery panel on the dashboard screen.
  • Product Store: It is the best process which provides the nearest grocery store of users. Along with, it manages the all order and delivery process of vendor panel.
  • Manage Payment: According to service without payment, it cannot be processed for the next step that’s why it allows all type of payment service for both panels.
  • Application Service: It protects the application by any type of hacking and data threat process.

Additional Features of Grocery App Development Solution

We understand every step of app development but we never forget to develop the additional feature which makes a perfect, better, trustworthy application with these features. In another way we can say, without these services grocery app is nothing, that’s why our grocery mobile app developer keeps this strategy in the development process.

  1. Real-time shopping Analytics

If you want to develop your own grocery app development platform then you should be allowed the real-time analytic service in your application. In this service, we allow the Bigdata, Hadoop, Cisco, Spark, IBM, Apache Flink based development service to manage the real-time analytics report. It manages the report of all the app data, user data, associated statics of grocery app business, stores, and much more. Also, it streamlines the grocery store growth values.

  1. Push Notification

As we define above the notification service provides a better shopping experience where the admin panel provides a better grocery products offer, order packing, shipment, tracking notification by the and Twilio development techniques. Along with, it enhances the business visibility to prove the better service.

  1. Better Community Channel

You can increase your app by community channel such as social media like Facebook, Gmail, Google+, Pinterest, Quora etc., With help of this, you can increase the app services in the global market.


  1. Database Design.

In the app development process, we allow the multiple types of database design which maintain the proper customer and product data. Furthermore, it keeps securing the data threat process by SSL protection. In the database management of this application, we allow the MongoDB, Postgres, HBase, Mail champ, Postgres, and many more database development technologies.

  1. Cloud data and tracking environment:

In the app development process, our mobile app developers allows the Amazon web service, Google service, and Azure-based cloud data service. Also, they provide the Google map API service to maintain the GPS tracking service for order and user location tracking.

Grocery App Development Process

In our i4 consulting mobile app development company, we provide a better ap development solution by our experienced and professional app developers. They understand application development lifecycle and allow the better grocery mobile app development solution with the quality of reliable service.

  • We understand the client requirement based app development plan.
  • After the app plan, we make a visual design of the application.
  • According to visual app design, we enter in the next step of which is known as the develop & construct.
  • When the app development process is completed then our grocery app tester analyses the app performance and quality.
  • And last they deploy or publish the application according to analysing report or process.
  • Along with we provide the app maintenance or support service provider which maintain the application development process.

Development Cost of Online Grocery App Delivery

In the grocery app development process we evaluate the development cost in the several phases to keep the app compatibility, complexity, and feature, operating system or device platform, app launching service according to the country selected such as


  • USA & UK based: – $40 to $200 per hour
  • European and African based: – $25 to $140 per hour


  • India based: – $10 to $80 per hour

Ending Lines

According to the above grocery app development strategy, you can allow these process in your app development solution and make a profitable business platform. In this grocery app solution, we are the leading app development company which comprehend the e-commerce business app development service. Also, you can hire grocery app developers to make a perfect grocery shopping business platform according to user requirement and provide the on-demand solution.