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Best ICO Development Company Provides Cryptocurrency Token before ICO launch. Hire Dedicated Initial Coin Offering Developer in USA UK Australia Singapore.

i4 Consulting : An ICO Development Company 

ICO Development is related to starting of a project based on blockchain technology and can be compared to the another investment raising method of IPO in the finance world. Initial coin offering (ICO) collects investments from a pool of investors by giving them underlying token or coin in return of investors money at some predetermined price range. ICO development services and its launch involve a range of steps that i4 Consulting expert team can help you with.


ICO development services :

It starts with brainstorming & vetting of an idea that will use the distributed ledger implemented using blockchain technology. For example, an ICO idea could be launching a blockchain that will create a community of users who would like to go for shared rides with other travellers in the city in a seamless n secured way to make effective utilisation of public and private transport more efficient n effective. Once an idea has been fully evaluated and agreed upon to go ahead, next step is writing a white paper for the ICO.
White paper for a cryptocurrency or token is like a prospectus of sale for that project where prospective token investors/ buyers are given complete information about the purpose of the token, technology it is based upon, and team that is behind the project. It provides complete projection of the various stages of the project and how these tokens will be of great value in near future.
Next comes the stage of token development. Token development could be done using the platform as per the requirement of the client. Normally, we are using ERC20 or ERC223 token development platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain to transform their idea of a token in reality. Once the token is developed, it is listed on the etherscan.io. When the token is developed, it is important to decide unique token name, token symbol, and number of tokens..
Once the token is developed, next comes the stage of testing of the tokens of working on the Ethereum platform. This is done using Testnet. After testing, the token is launched on the Mainnet. Once the token is on the mainnet, next comes sales n marketing of the crypto token. Our Blockcahin Development Company not only develops the ico token, we can also plan a digital marketing campaign using social media channels and search engine optimisation methods.