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PHP CodeIgnitor Development

Codeigniter Development: i4 Consulting Pvt Ltd provides the best CodeIgniter framework development services.

CodeIgniter Development

CodeIgniter is an application development platform based on PHP. It is better than most PHP frameworks in security, file organization structure, speed, configuration, and error handling. It contains a lot of plugins, interfaces, and libraries that are highly useful in creating a large interactive website in less time. CodeIgniter makes use of controller classes for development. i4 Consulting provides the best CodeIgniter Development Services.

CodeIgniter Development

i4 consulting pvt ltd has a lot of experience in working with open source frameworks such as PHP CodeIgniter. Our developers will create an excellent API that will enhance your business prospects immensely.

Here are some advantages of using CodeIgniter over other frameworks.

  • Easy to customize- CodeIgniter requires shorter codes compared to other PHP frameworks. This is very helpful for developing faster projects. CodeIgniter also makes it possible to easily modify the existing library. It is also easy to write new libraries than other frameworks.
  • Inbuilt tools- this development framework encompasses a lot of in-built libraries. Some of them are the calendar, validations, unit testing module, e-mail, and zip encoding. This attribute makes it easier for developers to manage arrays, directory data, forms, and other files. Therefore, it is easy for a CodeIgniter developer to come up with new libraries according to your project requirements.
  • MVC architecture- the unique model, view, controller architecture of the CodeIgniter framework allows developers to manage codes based on HTML designs and data structure. This is why CodeIgniter is more logic based in comparison to other frameworks.
  • Installation procedure- with CodeIgniter you do not have to make server changes and perform configuration installations. You have to just upload the files on the server and get on with your work.
  • Security- CodeIgniter also makes it possible to modify the security settings according to user requirements.
  • Support- CodeIgniter community forum can readily help you out if you are facing any difficulty with coding and other development tasks.

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