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WordPress Development

Wordpress Web Development Services: Looking for WordPress website development? i4 Consulting Pvt Ltd provides the best WordPress web development services at affordable prices.

Opensource WordPress is one of the most popular online publishing platform, where anyone can build their own website or blogs easily. If you are looking to build your online presence, WordPress development can be the first and fast option to get the things done. It provides a variety of options which we can choose and customize according to our interest. WordPress development was firstly introduced only for blogging but due to its flexibility now it is mostly used for web development due to its wide variety of themes of websites, customization in the e-commerce websites through the help of various plugins.

i4 consulting in Sharjah has number of satisfied clients who used our services in wordpress development for their own websites and still want to continue our services on yearly basis. We have worked upon more than 1000 projects in wordpress development in our lifespan using that we have created dynamic websites and blogs for clients in wordpress development based in USA, UK, Dubai, Australia, and many other countries.



Drupal is one of the highly secured content management systems in wordpress development used all over the globe. It provides content to thousands of users together at the same time in a highly secured way. Drupal is one of the favorites of the users because it allows user to manage, organize and publish content in a large amount on various portal together such as e-commerce websites and social networking websites. By using Drupal we get number of benefits, follows as –

  1. It allows developer to work on large scale websites and create it with tons of content in it.
  2. Drupal provides number of options to the developer to customize various sections of the website by using more than 800 modules.
  3. It is already integrated with the top search engines and social media websites which makes it easier for the developer.
  4. It contains vast libraries of pages, menus and SEO modules which makes it easier to manage an application.
  5. Drupal supports superior quality of audio, video and pictures.


In Sharjah, i4 consulting pvt ltd has achieved a remarkable position in Drupal development for content management. Our work provides the best support in Drupal and in a highly secured way. I4 has the team of experienced professionals who are well trained in creating quick DRUPAL based solutions. Our portfolio includes these DRUPAL services –

  1. CMS development – We strictly follow the standard architectural development methods of Drupal which includes CMS, e-commerce, knowledge management, intranet and other various services in Drupal application development.
  2. E-commerce solutions – We provide easy to access and user friendly e-commerce websites in Drupal for your business. So that, it will become easy for the owner or their staff to handle and manage the website on their own. Uploading product contents according to strategy will becomes easy for everyone.
  3. Drupal support & maintenance – We at i4 consulting also provide comprehensive Drupal application support and maintenance. The applications are rigorously monitored and their coding, server hosting and their databases are updated according to the client’s demands.
  4. Drupal Integration – To integrate your Drupal application with third party application Drupal offers unlimited themes and plugins.
  5. Drupal Upgrade – Those websites which are built on older Content Management System and client wants to upgrade it into the newer versions of Drupal, we provide it with less complexity.




Joomla is built on php and is widely used CMS in all over the world. As it is built on php. Joomla is considered useful for coding based on object oriented programming languages. Joomla is an opensource framework which provides complete user convenience and is highly popular among website developers. For the development of applications and websites Joomla has multiple numbers of plugins, extensions and programs that can be readily used by the developers. Joomla has various outstanding factors in CMS, which are as follows –

  1. User Friendly – Joomla provides a system which helps to create a user friendly interface for websites which is easy to navigate and manage. Numbers of features in Joomla are more than wordpress and creating a personal blog or a large scale corporate website which contains numerous details can be beneficial in Joomla.
  2. Multiple Extensions – In Joomla, multiple extensions are used to add numerous additional plugins to your existing website. Multiple extensions are mostly used in e-commerce, galleries, advertisements and discussion forums.
  3. Consistency – As the evolution of a brand is a continuous process and Joomla provides your brand a uniform presence in online market. Jooomla provides a large number of themes and menus in its application which can be used according to you across all of your existing websites, pages and mobile applications which allows you to update consistently across all your online platforms.
  4. Less programming know-how required – The extensions and plugins of Joomla can be incorporated in mainstream site very easily. As for those who are unfamiliar with Joomla can also make use of its features very easily.

I4 consulting pvt ltd is one of the best leading company in Sharjah which involved in the hardcore projects of website developments of so many corporate companies. We have the team of professional developers in Joomla here who are dedicated in providing the services to clients according to their needs. So if you are thinking of creating a website from a scratch or want to upgrade you existing website on Joomla platform, i4 consulting will take your website to another level and at your ease.