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UI/UX Design

UX/UI Web Design Services: i4 Consulting Pvt Ltd provides the best UX/UI web design services at affordable prices.

UX/UI Web Design Services

i4 consulting Pvt Ltd is a top web and mobile app development company. Our team comprises of talented designers and developers who posses immense experience in working with clients in varied niches. We build interactive UI/UX design platforms exactly according to client’s request. Once we are provided with prototypes, blueprints, wireframes and content, we create an exemplary platform for the user interface.

Our designers are well versed in creating layouts for websites and applications. After gathering all the necessary information from the client, we conduct in-depth research regarding the behavior and requirements of users that are being targeted. Based on the findings, a blueprint is created. This is an essential aspect of design because unless the expectations of users are identified, your website cannot turn into a success. This characteristic of designing is known as UX or user experience. After focusing on this aspect,

UX UI Web Design

we create an amazing user interface keeping following things in mind.

1. >> User interface is an overall effect produced by the quality of video, audio, images and content.

2. >> The form in which content is presented such as labels, drop boxes, check boxes and the order in which these things appear when user clicks on a particular link.

3. >> Text is to be presented in bolds and attractive taglines that are both candid and powerful.

4. >> Alignment of text in a beautiful fashion alongside relevant graphics and links depending on user experience.

5. >> Interaction of app with other relevant websites or applications is an essential aspect of user interface. The trick is to ask permission from the user through pop ups at appropriate places without overwhelming him.

6. >> The consistency and simplicity is also quite important in designing. The theme and icons should be consistent with the business idea. We also strive to make it as much simpler it can be. User must not feel confused anytime while using the interface.

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