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Testing & QA Services

i4 Consulting Pvt Ltd provides the best software testing and QA (Quality Analysis) services. Hire the best QA services.

Testing and QA Services

In today’s competitive environment, it is quite important to test every product before its launching in the market. Be it website, application or software, it is imperative to test it for errors and optimize its output through various testing methodologies. I4 consulting Pvt Ltd is a leading IT company providing its services in numerous countries. We have an efficient system for product testing. In addition to our own websites and applications, we also provide our testing & QA services to other firms. Here is brief information about the various testing services that you can avail from i4 consulting.

>> Performance testing– performance testing is necessary to boost the usability of an application or website. It must match the user experience under different circumstances and load conditions. Top social networking websites continuously perform performance testing with the introduction of a new feature in order to enhance its customer satisfaction.

>> Automation testing– automatic testing makes use of special frameworks that are essential to get an edge over manual testing techniques. As a result of this approach, the time consumption is reduced and the efficiency of the testing process is increased.

>> Localization testing– sometimes a website needs to be customized according to a specific location’s culture, usage or interests. We are experienced in formatting a website according to the language and interests of a particular region that is being targeted.

>> Regression testing– regression testing is important after introducing the changes in software or website to ensure that it is still working the same as it was, before the changes were introduced.

>> E-commerce testing– the e-commerce websites are always in need of expansion and with that it becomes highly important to ensure that it keeps functioning smoothly. E-commerce testing focuses on maintaining the usability, security and consistency of the website or application with regular changes.